Helping Children go Back to School

Help children in need go back to school Ottawa

Why We Share in Student Success

“I forgot my pencil.”

Kurt, aged 7, seems to forget his pencil every day. Come to think of it, he never has a glue stick either. He’s probably just lazy and doesn’t want to learn.

What Kurt’s teacher doesn’t know is the shame Kurt feels every time he has to ask to borrow a pencil or piece of paper. In fact, Kurt says he hates art simply because he’s tired of making pictures with his red and blue colouring pencils—his only colouring pencils.

Every year, over two thousand students in Ottawa return to school without the tools they need to learn. Like Kurt, they experience shame whenever they are held behind simply because they are not equipped to succeed like their peers. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Last year, the Caring and Sharing Exchange provided 2,065 children with backpacks fully equipped with grade-appropriate school supplies—everything they needed for a successful year at school. And this year, we want to do it again.

A Gift of Dignity and Hope

With your help, we can ensure another 2,000+ children return to school with their heads held high, ready to learn. We kindly ask that you make a donation to support this year’s Sharing in Student Success program. Your gift will grant dignity to a child in need in your community, offering them the hope to succeed for another school year.

Help Ottawa children succeed!

Your Gift Truly Makes a Difference

We often receive letters of thanks from grateful parents of the children we provide assistance for. Here is one we’d like to share with you:

“As parents, we appreciated so much your warm-hearted offer of a backpack filled with school supplies last summer. I’d like to say, ‘Thank you so much!’

“Your backpack has accompanied our son every day, going to and from school in the last year. Every inch of progress my son has made was helped by the contributions of your fantastic Sharing in Student Success program!”

Grateful parents of a backpack recipient

Helping Eliminate Duplication of Assistance Across Ottawa

Our Co-ordination Service eliminates duplicate applications in programs provided by us and our 250+ partner agencies across the city. By performing duplicate checks, we have managed to save the Ottawa community over $2.5 million in just four years. This level of accountability ensures your gift goes further, helping those in the community that truly need it.

Make Your Gift Today

To help us provide every child in need this year with a backpack filled with grade-appropriate school supplies, please kindly make a donation online. You can also make your gift over the phone by calling 613-226-6434 ext. 5.

Every dollar counts.

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